What is Coaching

Coaching is a partnership that focuses on the actions that customers intend to take to achieve their vision, their goals and desires.

Coaching raises questions bringing clients to discover themselves, which increases their level of perception and responsibility.

Clients benefit from a structure of guidance, to support them and provide them with a valuable source of feedback. The coaching process helps clients to define and achieve their professional and personal goals faster and more easily than it would be possible without the intervention of a coach.

There are different types of coaching, so there also also different types of coaches. We invite you to read the differences between the objectives in each case.

The different types of Coaching

Corporate Coaching

Business Coaching

Business coaching is intended for companies with a large number of employees, and which are interested in coaching for specific assignments such as:

  • HR or management support for the launch of a coaching activity
  • Training managers to become coaches
  • Development of coaching workshops
  • Consultancy for prevention and employees' welfare
  • team coaching: creating high performance teams, managing difficult relationships within a team.

Business Coaching can therefore bring solutions to specific coaching requirements which fall within the overall strategy of the company.

Personal Coaching

Staff Coaching

As its title suggests, Staff Coaching is not directed to a group but is intended to enhance personal development of an individual both in the work environment and private framework. Staff Coaching covers many fields of daily life as:

  • The relationship with others
  • striking a balance between professional and private life
  • Well-being and healthcare
  • Spirituality
  • Education

Small Business

Small business coaching

Small Business Coaching is intended for companies with a limited number of employees (SME, start-up, etc.) but also for directors and managers of small structures.

This coaching will enable and assist them in strengthening the strategy of their own businesses.

Career Coaching

Career Coaching

Career Coaching is aimed at anyone who faces a delicate professional situation, whether it is:

  • A professional reorientation
  • Decision making in their career
  • A transition between two functions
  • Assessment of current employment situation
  • Education

Career Coaching can support partners throughout the process of professional change.

Situations where coaching can help you

Coaching can be used for many reasons all as valid the one and the other, depending on the specific needs of the person.

  • Prepare to take on a new role in an organization
  • Facilitate its integration into a new organization or role
  • Desire to develop a more effective leadership
  • Facing an important issue (challenge, ambitious goal, opportunity, etc.)
  • Need to develop specific skills: communication, presentation, delegation, team management, performance, etc ...
  • Existence of a gap in terms of skills, self-confidence or creative resources
  • Need to take his career in a new direction or to think about his current career